Friday Funny with Whys, Puzzles, and Lots of Tangled Thoughts

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you all had a great week. Mine has been…

Yeah, ick with a side of frustration.

First, my job has been crazy busy, so not only have I lost a significant amount of time during the day to work on my manuscript, but also at night. By the time I get home, workout, and eat dinner, I’m too exhausted to sit down and work on my book. In fact, I haven’t worked on it at all the past few nights. I’ve instead opted for things like retail therapy and hanging out with a friend to watch the Delirium pilot.

Second, I hit a snafu with my story’s plot. After I sent my beta reader my last set of chapters, she returned with positive and negative feedback. Bright side, she LOVED my chapter 7. Downside, she challenged me on the general crux–the main “Why?”–of my entire plot.

Truthfully, it’s an old argument between us; one we’ve had since I optioned this book’s archaic version to Hollywood a few years ago. It seems no matter how many explanations I give her, and no matter how many solutions I come up with to make it better, she’s never satisfied. I finally hit my wit’s end last weekend after she yet again complained.

“What do you want me to say?” I snapped at her. “What do you want to hear?”

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “Just something…”

AHHHHH! I had no idea how to make her happy. Nothing I said was the right “something”.

Well, after a mini meltdown and a lot of brainstorming, I finally struck gold. I said the right “something” and she gave me the thumb’s up.

*cue glittered confetti and party streamers*

So, now that that’s finally settled, I need to go back and revise the first seven chapters to thread in my new “Why”. It shouldn’t be too hard–mostly tweaking my characters to ensure their motives align with the story’s altered direction. The real challenge will be figuring out how to unravel my “Why”. It’s so roundy-woo and all over the beepity-beep place, I get a headache just thinking about it.

Ironically, a fellow blog follower emailed me this week asking for advice on how to figure out the overall “Why” of a story. After a small chuckle and lot of thought, I wrote him back and said: A story is like a puzzle. Each piece must matter, and each piece must fit…

Well, everyone, I’ve got about a million puzzle pieces scattered across the floor right now and all I can do is stare at them.

So, in honor of my “Why” week, and all the new plot twists and turns, ups and downs, overs and unders, and–ahhhh!

*deep breath*

Here, enjoy today’s Friday Funny! 😉


How was your week? Are you scratching your head like me and trying to figure out your story’s “Why”? Or have you already put together that complicated puzzle?

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8 thoughts on “Friday Funny with Whys, Puzzles, and Lots of Tangled Thoughts

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one! I agree you should have a general “why” before you begin writing. But, I also think it’s important not to cling to that “why” during the first draft. It’s too constraining. Characters and plots often evolve in unexpected ways, so I believe keeping an open mind and letting the story progress as naturally as possible is key…Of course, I also believe by the second (and so on) draft, having a solid “why” is crucial. It should direct every character, every sentence, every word of your story.

      Oh, the plotting. So much fun 😉 Good luck with your “why”. I’m sure you’ll find a great one!


      1. I have worked out a very basic plot outline for the story and I am planning on just going with that for my first draft. my problem is I always find an excuse to do something other than sit down and write. Its odd because I adore writing but I guess I’m still a little jaded from college.

        Thank you for suggesting to let the story progress naturally. well see how the second draft goes. I have yet to make it to that point with a novel!


      2. Isn’t it funny how writers do that? We love writing, but so many times, the thought of sitting down to write is–ughhh. LOL! For me, the more often I write, the more I WANT to write. If I go even a few days without working on my manuscript, I start to lose steam. That’s why I dedicate one full day a week to writing and writing only. I tell everyone, “Don’t bother me on Saturday. I’ll be far away in Never Never Land.” Maybe you could try that?

        You can do this! Just fight through all those distractions and icky moments and you’ll finish this 2nd draft! *rah rah rah* 😉


      3. I am actually going to attempt the Saturday writing day this month during Camp NaNoWriMo. I have no idea if the approach will work but it helps that my husband is working Saturdays this month. This way I can finally get this first draft down on paper!!

        But I agree with you that the more often I write the more I want to write! I am hoping this month will pull me out of my writing slump!

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