Jen’s Pen


The Accidental Fall (Drama/Short Story Challenge 2015)

The Ark (Horror/Short Story Challenge 2015)

The Blue Divide (Drama/Flash Fiction Challenge 2016)

Bottoms Up (Comedy/Flash Fiction Challenge 2017)

Chasing Monsters (Suspense/Short Story Challenge 2014)

The Darkness Whispers (Ghost Story/Short Story Challenge 2015)

Inevitable (Suspense/Flash Fiction Challenge 2015)

Into Paradise (Drama/Short Story Challenge 2014)

Kleine Mäuse (Historical Fiction/Flash Fiction Challenge 2015)

La Jolla (Action-Adventure/Flash Fiction Challenge 2015)

Operation Disney (Political Satire/Flash Fiction Challenge 2014)

Over The Edge (Mystery/Short Story Challenge 2014)

Red Sunset (Spy/Flash Fiction Challenge 2016)

The Rook and the Ruffian (Fairy Tale/Short Story Challenge 2016)

Waiting Shadows (Ghost Story/Flash Fiction Challenge 2015)

Zili (Fantasy/Flash Fiction Challenge 2017)

Other Flash Fiction Challenges

Crumb Layer

Two Silhouettes

Wanted: Wishing Well Bucket


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