Conferencing for introverts

Welcome to Twitter Treasure Thursday! So, today’s gem is one that I think most of us introverts can learn from, especially those of us who’ve always been too shy/scared/nervous to even think of going to a writer’s conference…*throat clear*…Yeah, I’m a scaredy-cat. And poor. And just sad. Ha! Okay, okay, I’m not that pathetic, and I really would love to attend a writer’s conference someday. And when I do, I’ll definitely be reading this awesome article on how to handle it. Take a peek!

You’ve decided this is it, the year to attend a writer’s conference. Forms are filled, hotel and plane tickets are booked, and a satisfied warmth fills you at pulling the trigger on this writing milestone.

But as the day approaches, your brain buzzes. What to wear? What to bring? You look in your closet and suddenly forget what looks good together, what fits, and what shoes work with which pants. The jeans you love seem too run down. That skirt you wanted to bring is too dressy. Or is it? Maybe you could wear it to the pitch you scheduled. And then it hits: FULL BLOWN PANIC. You forgot about the pitch you booked while high on the glow of finally taking the leap.

Read the rest of the article here!


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2 thoughts on “Conferencing for introverts

  1. Jen,
    I’m sending a personal invitation to you to come to the Southeastern Writers Association workshop on beautiful St. Simons Island, GA. Here’s the lineup:
    Agent in Residence: Carlie Webber of CK Webber Associates Literary Management
    Publisher: Dahlynn McKown of Publishing Syndicate
    Editor Chuck Sambuchino
    Novel Writing: Bob Mayer
    Short Fiction: C.D. Mitchell
    Social Media for Writers: Debbie Brown
    Writing for Young Readers & Poetry: Peggy Mercer
    And then, you can put your new found “Scaredy-Cat” under a hat. 🙂

    Best Regards,
    Linda Joyce


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