The Days When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Welcome to Twitter Treasure Thursday! Today’s gem comes from Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terribleminds: “The Days When You Don’t Feel Like Writing“. I thought this was a great post to share with you, because all of us–even the most passionate writers–sometimes struggle to find the motivation to write. Personally, I’ve been struggling a lot lately. But, as you’ll read in this article, all of us have to write even when we don’t want to. In fact, those are the days it’s most important.

Even if it’s nothing, even if it’s crap, you’ve got to carve the words onto the page. Even if it’s only a hundred words, even if you only get to move the mountain by a half-an-inch, you’re still nudging the needle, still keeping that story-heart beating, still proving to yourself and to the world that this is who you are and what you do.

Read the rest of the article here!

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Creating Kick-Ass Characters

Confession: I found today’s Twitter Treasure on Tuesday, but you know what? This diamond in the rough was just too bright and glittery to tuck away, especially with NaNo starting TOMORROW! So, if you’re having problems with developing your characters, or just want some last minute tips, check out this post on Chuck Wendig’s blog:


Characters are not a fast soup — they’re a long-bubbling broth developing flavors the longer you think about them and, more importantly, the more you write about them. (Which one assumes is the point of the inane questions asked by many character exercises, which would be a noble effort if those questions were not so frequently concerned with details and decisions that will never have anything to do with your character, your story, or your world.)


Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe, have fun and make sure to eat lots and lots of chocolate!