Creating Kick-Ass Characters

Confession: I found today’s Twitter Treasure on Tuesday, but you know what? This diamond in the rough was just too bright and glittery to tuck away, especially with NaNo starting TOMORROW! So, if you’re having problems with developing your characters, or just want some last minute tips, check out this post on Chuck Wendig’s blog:


Characters are not a fast soup — they’re a long-bubbling broth developing flavors the longer you think about them and, more importantly, the more you write about them. (Which one assumes is the point of the inane questions asked by many character exercises, which would be a noble effort if those questions were not so frequently concerned with details and decisions that will never have anything to do with your character, your story, or your world.)


Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe, have fun and make sure to eat lots and lots of chocolate!

9 Things That Will Help Get Your Novel Published

I think I’m going to start doing “Twitter Treasure Thursday”, because I always seem to find a precious writing gemstone on Twitter on Thursdays. Like today. I found yet another awesome article from Writer’s Digest:

9 Things That Will Help Get Your Novel Published


I agree with each of these nine things. Not only do they make sense, but I’ve experienced many of them. For example, #1: The Elevator Pitch. Back in 2010, I had a manuscript that went from zero to hero in a single day. No joke. I went from talking to friends and family about my beloved story to a guy at work, to a PR agent in L.A., to a writer’s agent, to a movie producer…Over and over again, I had to sum up my story in a couple of sentences and hope it sounded appealing enough to get these people hooked. And it did. I had an agent within a week, and an option contract in less than a month. Trust me, your Elevator Pitch is key! Just remember to keep it short and sweet, and most importantly, irresistible.

Read more about all nine things that will help get your novel published here!

Confession: I’m a fanatical fan of authors part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a confession about how I’m a HUGE fan of authors. To me, they’re cooler than cool and bigger than any rockstar, movie actor or professional athlete. They’re also one of my biggest role models. As an aspiring author myself, I look up to these writers and hope to someday follow in their successful footsteps. (In case you missed it, here is my original post about this “Ah!” topic).

Yesterday, I had another “EEEEKS!” moment I had to share with you. During a mental break at work, I went on Twitter and decided to reply to a funny Tweet made by Marie Lu.

9275658And guess what? SHE REPLIED!

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.21.06 PMNeedless to say, I almost had a heart attack at my desk. Smothering my gleeful scream of “Ohmygawd”, I text a good friend who’s also a big fan of Marie Lu.

Her response: “!!!!”

Yes, my thoughts exactly.

Who knew Twitter could be such a magical place? I think I’m going to start keeping an “Ah! They Responded!” list from now on. Yeah? So far, that list contains Jay Asher, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Marie Lu.

Who’s next? 😉

Don’t forget, Champion, the finale to Marie Lu’s Legend series, is set to be released on November 5th!