Guess what day it is? That’s right! It’s Flash Fiction Friday! And, as usual, this week’s challenge comes from one of my favorite blogs, Terribleminds.


Gander upon the list of 20 subgenres below. Roll a d20 or fiddle with your favorite random number generator and choose two subgenres.
From there, write ~1000 word short story that mashes up both.
Post at your online space. Link back here so we can read!
Due by next Friday, November 1st. Noon EST.

It pains me to pass this challenge up. But with NaNo and the second round of the Flash Fiction Challenge 2013 one week away, I’ve gotta conserve my energy and use all my free time to finish chores and eliminate distractions. If I have any hope of finishing November’s creative marathon, I need to prepare physically and mentally (aka, relax for a few days!).

But, as always, I strongly encourage you to enter. And if you want to share your entry’s link in the comments section below, please do! We’d all love to read it!

For more information about Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge, click here!

Jen’s Writing Contest Entry

Here’s my entry for Janet’s Reid’s It’s a small world writing contest! It had to be 100 words (max) using these five words: Degrees, chum, 3, bucket, pants.

The contest is open until tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. EST, so if you’re looking for a fun, creative challenge, give it a shot!

“Wanted: Wishing Well Bucket”

I’m often told, “Buck, you’re a bucket. You’re not meant to be happy.” Well, why not? I may be used for holding things like dirt, chum, and waste. And I may not get the decency of wearing pants or earning degrees. But, still, I deserve happiness. Everything does.

Today, I’m scrubbed clean, placed in a truck, and driven across town. I’m taken out and held up for inspection. “Three dollars, right?” I’m handed off. Ahead, I see a sign: “Wendy’s Wishing Well”.

I sway excitedly side to side. I was right. Buckets can be happy.
by Jenna Willett