Friday Funny with a pinch of crazy

It’s Friday! Yippy!

As you can see, I’m very happy it’s Friday, mostly because that means tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll be able to write all day long without interruption. Well, hopefully. Interruption seems to be the theme of my life lately, and it’s really bogging down my progress with my manuscript. Between work, family obligations, life chores, blogging, writing contests, reading/reviews, I just never seem to have time to sit down and write (*cue long, frustrated sigh*). I even took Wednesday off work to try and catch up on it (and some much needed sleep), but I still didn’t make as much progress as I’d hoped. I need to take a leaf out of my own book and use a variety of tips/strategies for finishing a manuscript in a timely fashion (NaNoWriMo tips – dealing with deadlines).

On the bright side, my short story, Chasing Monsters, has continued to receive (overall) positive reviews on the NYC Midnight forum. A couple of people have even suggested I submit it for publication. I think, however, I want to do something bigger with it. I have a new idea to combine Chasing Monsters with the flash fiction piece I did in the fall (Why?) for a full-length novel. It would definitely be a tough manuscript to produce (emotionally), but I think there’s potential for something really good.

Of course I also want to work on a ghost story I have in mind, as well as about three other ideas. AHHH! Too many stories to write, and not enough time! I might go crazy, guys. Seriously. I just need to win the lottery so I can stay home and write all day. Having a full-time job really slows things down, you know? Stupid bills. Stupid food and shelter and whatnot, haha.

Anyways, in honor of my overwhelmed self and the too many ideas/projects crowding my mind, here is today’s Friday Funny. Enjoy!

7f37ec33bcc88ec3b81b1fcf35ebd60aSo, how was your week? Are you making better progress with your manuscript than me? Read any good books I should know about?

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Friday Funny and a Happy Valentine’s Day

b44afc0616ed51d2b1880c9d5d8328fbHappy Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of people don’t like this holiday, but I LOVE it. I’m probably one of the few single girls who does, but whatever. Valentine’s Day makes me nostalgic for candy-covered mailboxes filled with cartoon “Be My Valentine” cards. Plus, it’s a terrific excuse to eat all the chocolate I want without feeling too guilty 😉 Plus, plus, I’ll be hanging out tonight with my two nephews who I love with all my heart, so I’m happy 🙂 1013927_10101042599060113_844511921_nAs for the rest of this week, it’s been pretty brutal. Last weekend, I received my assignment for the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. I was given one week to write a 2,500 word story that was a suspense and revolved around a wedding with a chef as a main character. Easy right? I mean, I wasn’t assigned romantic comedy like I’d feared…Yeah, not so much. I sat down to work on Saturday and made it a goal to knock out a solid draft by Sunday afternoon (that way I could let the story sit a few days before revising and submitting)…But, that just didn’t happen. I’ve been working on it all week and I’m still not done (and it’s due tomorrow). Ugh. I’ll be doing a longer post about my entire experience next week. Suffice it to say, I’m exhausted, frustrated and just over the whole thing, haha…

Anyways, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are today’s funnies. Yes, plural. I couldn’t pick just one. There were too many that made me laugh out loud. Hopefully they’ll make you chuckle too.

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A Snowy Friday Funny

TGIF! I don’t know about you, but this week was a doozy. Denver got hit with a dandy snowstorm on Monday afternoon, so that started things of great (yes, that was sarcasm). My drive home from work was spent gripping the steering wheel in a death grip while muttering, “Oh God, oh God, oh God…”. Thankfully, I only slid out once. Yay! (yes, that was sarcasm again). Another round of snow came in last night–this one much heavier than Monday’s–and it’s still snowing now, so I decided to take the day off from work to save myself from another stroke-worthy commute. Plus, I’ve been fighting off a fresh cold all week, so today seemed like a great day to kick back, relax and enjoy the snow from the warmth and safety of my house.

IMG_0453Since I have this day to myself, I’m going to use it to write. I’ve been hot n’ cold with my manuscript lately. I just can’t seem to find a rhythm with it. Part of the problem is I’ve been so busy I don’t have time to work on it each day, so every time I open my document, I face a mild case of writer’s block. Ugh. My goal next week is to write every day, even if that’s only 30 minutes. I gotta keep the rhythm and flow going no matter what.

In honor of my writer’s block conundrum, I chose this as today’s funny:

2027c1111fb08f133402fb45fa2daf4e-1I plan on writing all day tomorrow as well, but Sunday will be interrupted by the Super Bowl. Living in Denver makes it impossible to avoid the big game (goooo Broncos!). Okay, okay, don’t tell anyone, but I’ll probably be reading a book during the whole thing. Shhh…

How about you? How was your week? Read any great books? Get any writing done?

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Friday Funny – a film versus a book

I feel like this week held a Hollywood-ish theme for my blog, Facebook and Twitter posts. So, I thought it would be fitting to have today’s Friday Funny revolve around that.

I present to you a film versus a book:

1517673_536649109767141_1898239510_nHope everyone had a great week! Any fun plans for the weekend? Mine is packed, unfortunately, so I’m probably not going to get as much writing done as I’d planned. Oh well, oh well. My goal next week is to cut out a lot of distractions and bear down on my NaNo manuscript. It isn’t going to write itself!

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Friday Funny And Holiday Farewell

Let’s face it. By the end of the week, most of us are done. Overdone. Charred. This week has definitely been on the charred side for me. It appears my body has finally surrendered to the exhaustion, germs and crazy weather patterns its been exposed to and has gotten itself a dandy cold. Yay!…Blerg. I’m literally limping into my Christmas vacation. Which, since I’m sick, has started a tad earlier than planned.

So, with that all said, I’ve decided to take a small holiday vaca from my blog. Rest assured, I’ll be back in January, posting regularly. But, for now, it’s time for me to kick back, recoup and celebrate with my family. I hope you all have a lovely, safe holiday. And I hope you all get tons and tons of books from Santa!

I’ve also decided to start dedicating Friday’s to lighter, comedic posts from now on. Because, come on, we all need a good laugh by the end of the week, right? Especially those charred weeks.

Today’s Friday Funny goes out to all you bookaholics. Enjoy!