A toast to October, a month of thrills and chills

In my opinion, October is the best month of the year! It’s the month of red and purple and golden leaves; horror books and candy and pumpkins; spiced candles and costumes and caramel apples; scary movies and candy corn and…Okay, okay, I’ll stop. But, you get the picture, right? October rocks!  Orange sunrises and all! 

IMG_9292As you read on Monday, I had a fantastic writing weekend. I hardly took a break from my manuscript, producing over 10,000 words. However, not even my hyped up motivation or super-energized taping fingers could put a kibosh on my plans to decorate my house for Halloween. 

On Saturday morning, I climbed down into my crawl space to pull out the bins full of witches and cobwebs and BEWARE! signs. After rescuing these bins from Hell’s lair–I swear there’s a fanged beast down there, lurking in the shadows, watching and waiting to STRIKE!…Or, worse, a big fat spider dangling over my head or racing over to crawl down my shirt–shudder–I threw in a horror movie, lit my apple spiced candle and started draping my home in gloom and doom.


IMG_9297Okay, my decor isn’t that gloomy or doomy. But, come on, I live alone and going to bed in a haunted mansion seems rather foolhardy. The last thing I need is to scare myself to death by walking into a hanging zombie or a leering ghoul in the middle of the night. 



I raise my glass to you, October! Here’s to another golden month of thrills and chills…and, inevitably, lots and lots of chocolate 😉 (clink, clink).