A True Thursday Treasure – Hermione is born

Normally, I dedicate Thursday’s to “Twitter Treasure Thursday”. However, a true treasure came into my life this week.

Now, for those of you who’ve been following my blog since last fall, you might remember my post, Hermione Wins. Well, can you believe it? Nine months have passed and “Hermione” has been born! I’m now the proud aunt of a beautiful little girl, Rees!

1947774_10101436653990873_1735696850_nI met her last night for the first time and she’s perfect! She had this little smirk on her face the whole time, like she was silently saying, “Yeah, yeah. I’m adorable. Duh.” Stinker. I introduced myself as her “crazy aunt”, and told her we’d throw plenty of tea parties, play dress up, and read lots of books together. She just kept smirking. I could practically hear her little voice saying, “Yeah, I’m on board with the whole reading thing, but tea parties? Dress up? Um, no.”

We shall see, Rees. We. Shall. See!

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