Music Monday – Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

Welcome to Music Monday! As many of you know, music contributes a great deal to my writing process. Whether it’s a song’s lyrics, beat, rhythm, or tone, I find myself constantly inspired by it.

writing-to-musicYes, it has finally happened. Taylor Swift has invaded Music Monday.

But, darn it! Her past few songs have gotten under my skin. And her latest one, “Bad Blood”, was just too good to keep to myself.

taylor-swift-bad-blood-video1-700x394Simply put, this song kicks ass! And its music video kicks ass. And it’ll make you want to kick ass!

The number one thing I love about this song is its energy. Even though I don’t write action-adventure, and my stories lean towards ahhh!, not hi-yah!, I like to feel a buzz while I write. You know, tension, movement, feeling. And I get that from “Bad Blood”. It makes me want to infuse those white-knuckled elements into my work.

I also love the lyrics!

IMG_8364 (1)The first time you watch the music video, you might be distracted by its awesome visuals. But if you close your eyes and really listen, you’ll hear a lot of great lines:

Did you think we’d be fine?
Still got scars on my back from your knife
So don’t think it’s in the past
These kind of wounds they last and they last

So, if you’re looking for a kick ass song that’ll get you energized, check out “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

What song(s) are you in love with right now? Which one(s) offer you inspiration? Let me know! I’m always searching for songs that motivate my writing.

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