Can You Write A Story In 150 Words

A few weeks ago, my online writer’s group introduced me to a weekly flash fiction contest hosted by Ad Hoc Fiction. Basically, writers are given a prompt word (ex: feather, bark, note) and must incorporate it into a 150-worded story.

Yep! That’s it. Just 150 words to address all the vital components of a story and satisfy readers.


Once the deadline passes, the submissions are posted on Ad Hoc’s website and the public votes for a winner. It’s free (yes, FREE), it’s fun, and it’s a great way to challenge yourself. So give it a shot! Whether you want to learn, warm up, or win, you’re sure to have a blast with Ad Hoc Fiction.

Below is a story I submitted a few weeks ago. The prompt word I had to include was “plaster.” Enjoy!

“Crumb Layer”

by Jenna Willett

When I was little, my mom would let me help her frost cakes. “Remember, Annie,” she’d say, “the first layer is the crumb layer. You frost, wait, frost again, and—voila! See?” She’d point at a finished cake. No crumbs, no blemishes. The decorating method worked beautifully.

It still does.

I hum to myself as I spread a second layer of white goo over the crumbly surface. I dip, swirl, smear, and wipe my metal spatula down and up, left to right. Over and over. I work carefully, but quickly. I have to. Even with the heater on, the house is cold and the cold makes things set faster.

I give one final swipe and stand back to study my handiwork.

I smile.

The plastered wall looks great. With a layer of paint, it’ll look perfect.

Nobody will ever suspect I hid a dead body behind it.

To learn more about the contest and Ad Hoc Fiction, click here.

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21 thoughts on “Can You Write A Story In 150 Words

  1. I write Flash Fiction all the time and often 100 words (more or less) and find it makes me work harder at finding the exact words I need to convey a story with a beginning, middle and end. I’ve been doing it for some years. It makes a change from short stories and novels. Good luck with all your efforts. 🙂


  2. oh hahah. I love the little story you have there, and my 150 words is little. Well it sounds like a fun idea, thank you sharing it, and i will think about it as it sounds like a fun challenge.


    1. So focused! I feel like I have to basically pick a single moment in a character’s life and then dig into it…and by doing that, I’ll then be able to tell an entire story (somehow, lol).


  3. That story is AWESOME! What a twist at the end. Took me a second to wrap my mind around the jump from icing to spackling. Great job. I have got to try this! Thanks fo sharing. Reblogging. This is too good to leave alone.


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