Top 2014 Posts – #8 – Music Monday – Love The Way You Lie

To end the year, I’ve decided to spotlight my top 10 blog posts from 2014. I went into my stats page and looked up those articles, stories, and other published pieces that had the most number of views. Some surprised me, others did not.

Today, we move up the list to #8: Music Monday – Love The Way You Lie – Eminem and Rihanna

IMG_4138I wanted to try and schedule this one for a Monday, but alas, no can do. The timing simply didn’t work out. Oh well! “Love The Way You Lie” was one of my favorite songs I chose for a Music Monday feature this year. In fact, I still listen to it often while working on my more intense scenes. So check it out if you haven’t yet and see if it inspires your writing!

Welcome to Music Monday! As many of you know, music contributes a great deal to my writing process. Whether it’s a song’s lyrics, beat, rhythm, or tone, I find myself constantly inspired by it.

writing-to-musicThis week, I will be working on some of the most intense, emotional scenes in my manuscript. In preparation for writing these heartbreaking chapters, and dragging my characters through the mud and turning their worlds upside down, I’ve been listening to Eminem and Rihanna’s powerful hit, “Love The Way You Lie”.

Eminem-Love-the-Way-You-Lie1This song is packed with conflict, pain, and all of the emotions I need to feel while writing these explosive scenes: betrayal, fury, heartbreak, fear, regret…I also love the lyrics and music video. Both help me tap into my dark side and go to places I don’t want to go–but must.

tumblr_ly5q65ZGOP1r9n7rxo1_500So, if you’re looking for a song that touches upon heavy topics, and inspires intense emotions, check out “Love The Way You Lie”.

What song(s) are you in love with right now? Which one(s) offer you inspiration? Let me know! I’m always searching for songs that motivate my writing.

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9 thoughts on “Top 2014 Posts – #8 – Music Monday – Love The Way You Lie

  1. I think really what I get from the song is more of the pain from loving someone even though the situation hurts. Perhaps it’s because of the situation and it aches so much but you just can’t stop loving. It might be a distance thing or even just a thing that isn’t happening because that person doesn’t love you the way you love them. Neither situation changes how you feel. You still wake up and think about the person and it never crosses your mind not to love them regardless of the ache that goes through your body.
    Lenny Kravitz I Can’t Be Without You is one that is a very simple song, for him, and after listening a couple of times with eyes closed and just listening you can sink into it. It’s not a driving you into a mood song but it makes you think and feel.

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