Yes, Agents Google Writers

Welcome to Twitter Treasure Thursday! Earlier this week, I met up with a fellow writer to discuss the importance of building their author platform (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). As we chatted, I explained to him how nowadays most literary agents expect writers to have these social media sites up and running before they’re published.

twitter-icon-with-books-230x299Ironically, the day I went to meet my friend to discuss this topic, I came upon an article by literary agent, Carly Watters. In it, she explains why building an author platform is so important. She also offers excellent tips for how to approach and handle various social media websites.

Yes, Agents Google Writers

Agents have changed their mind about an author after searching them online. Yikes! How do you avoid that? Making sure you don’t have websites or blogs that are ghost towns. Post regularly. And regularly can mean whatever works for you (once per week or once a day, but no less than a couple times a month!).

To read the entire article, click here!

For more useful advice, follow Carly Watters on Twitter!

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7 thoughts on “Yes, Agents Google Writers

  1. I’ve been wanting to write on this subject. With a marketing background I am aware of how important it is to get your name out there. I won’t read the article for fear of copying. But anyone else coming through I advise to go ahead, I am sure a Literary Agent knows better than I. I only have, 3 websites, a Twitter account, linkedin, Google+, Bloglovin, Tumbler and a and facebook site. Yeah, platform is important. Not sure what the article says, but part of platforms means getting into those writing communities, Linkedin has some good ones, and be active, something I haven’t been enough, Good stuff in there. Oh and just having these outlets isn’t good enough, you have to use them.
    Okay, soapbox over.
    My . . .
    It’s A Small World After All lalalalalalala

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  2. Thanks for sharing this article. I am in the beginning stages of building an author platform and I can use every bit of advice I can get. (I just finished reading Hugh’s post- it is a small world, isn’t it?)

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