Friday Funny with Ugh and a Side of Monster

Drop what you’re doing and dance it up. Cause it’s FRIDAY!

Seriously, TGIF! I haven’t needed a weekend this bad since…Well, I can’t remember. In one word, this week was rotten. Things started off great. I had tons of momentum and motivation with my manuscript, I was in a happy mood, and everything seemed perfect in the world.

And then it slooooowly collapsed.

Both work and my personal life were crazy busy. Plus, I hit a couple of emotional speed bumps along the way that transformed me into one giant hot mess.

On top of all that, it seemed everyone and anyone who had their own problems or needed help contacted me: “Hey, Jenna, can you…?”, “Jenna, do you think I should…?”, “SOS! I need you…” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being there for my friends and family. They are the number one priority in my life. However, when they all strike at once, I start to feel like this:

What makes it all the worse is when my brain is screaming, “WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!” along with all the other chaos, and I can’t–literally. Every spare moment I had this week was interrupted by life.


I’ve been trying not to have an anxiety attack since Wednesday, but it’s a losing battle. By this point, I feel like there’s a monster inside of me shredding me apart. My stomach is in constant knots and my throat hurts from holding back my tears of frustration.

I’m sure some of you have felt this way before. Or, at least, you can understand how it might feel. Most of the people in my life don’t. They assume writing is something you can turn on and off.

It’s not.

Writing is with you everywhere you go, and the more you ignore it, the more it hurts.

Thank God the weekend is here and I have no plans but to write. I’ll be locking my doors and telling anyone who calls or texts me:

Yeah, I’m ice cold like that.

Okay, not really. But I’m going to try!

Anyway, in honor of my “ugh” week, here are today’s Friday Funnies. Okay, they’re not “ha-ha” funny, but this wasn’t exactly a “ha-ha” post, so I figure they fit. 😉 Plus the second one is great advice for those of us who have a problem saying “No!” to others.


tumblr_mvnvnpw9KI1r5lxuvo2_1280How was your week? I hope not nearly as stressful as mine. Have any fun plans for the weekend? Or will you be hermit-ing it up like me?

Jen’s Weekly Roundup

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13 thoughts on “Friday Funny with Ugh and a Side of Monster

  1. First of all…BIG HUGS! Hopefully you will have an amazing and productive weekend!

    Secondly…you are not alone! We are having to buy a house so no writing has been accomplished in the last two weeks. My novel is just sitting there waiting for me to finally start it and life will not leave me alone long enough to focus on it! Its frustrating! My goal is to get caught up on everything else this weekend so I have no obligations next week!

    Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!!


    1. Thank you for the big hug. I really–REALLY–needed it.

      I’m sorry you’ve also been unable to write. It’s SO frustrating. I hope you get caught up so you’re able to jump back in the saddle.

      Thanks again for your encouraging words. They mean a lot 🙂


      1. I’m always here with encouraging words and big hugs! I hope you managed to get some writing accomplished this weekend!

        My weekend decided to copy your Friday so many people will not be hearing from me this week as I am hiding away to write and watch cheesy Halloween movies!


      2. I did! I was a GIANT hermit. I literally locked my doors on Friday night and I didn’t open them up again until I left for work this morning, haha. It was kinda awesome. I feel so much better.

        I hope you’re able to hermit-it-up this week too and get some work done! *finger crossed and prayers sent*

        P.S. Cheesy Halloween movies are the best!


      3. yay for hermit weekends! I have plans to do the same on Saturday and am really looking forward to it. I started writing again this week but most of my time has been spent getting my Halloween decorations up!

        I have all my cheesy Halloween movies out and in a pile waiting to be watched! What is your favorite?


      4. Ah! I need to get my Halloween decorations out! Maybe this weekend? Or, um, next week? Or…haha.

        Well, “Hocus Pocus” is a must–obviously 😉 I also have an embarrassing obsession with “Jeepers Creepers 2” and all the “Halloween” movies. *darting eyes*…Really, I’ll watch just about any. in fact, when I had cable, I used to turn on the Sci-Fi channel and watch those AWESOME movies. Like, “Attack of the Giant Spiders”–okay, that would be horrifying. I HATE spiders! lol


      5. I have almost all my Halloween decorations up after this weekend!

        I usually have ABC family and the Disney channel on during the month of October. It’s sad, but I have a weakness for corny kids Halloween movies. I did start the season off by watching Beetlejuice last night and both Ghostbusters last week!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t touched my manuscript in almost two weeks and it is literally all I think about. No matter what I’m doing, no matter how important or pressing the task is, the thought that I need to be writing/revising is always screaming in the background. I’m also at the point of no return with my anxiety. I’ve had a full blown anxiety attack before so I know I’m not quite there yet but those mini attacks are just as bad. My problem? My husband (the main breadwinner and holder of our medical insurance) just quit his job to start another job that is, at the moment, only part time with no guaranteed hours and no benefits. Sure, if he can wait out this period of “part-time” he’ll be in line for a full time position with crazy good pay and benefits we’ve only dreamed about. However, that could literally take 8yrs to happen. Yeah…so I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone… with the writing and the anxiety. #AnxietyProneWritersUnite ! 😉


    1. Thank you, Darla! I don’t know what I’d do without the awesome community of writers surrounding me. We all need each other to get through these rough times!

      My thoughts will be with you and your family. I hope things calm down/steady soon so you’re able to get back to your manuscript.

      Thanks again! 🙂


  3. Just when I think I’m stranded upon an island called interruption… Though, I am sorry to hear of your trials this week Jenna, we writers can join together in the knowledge that others sharing our passion and pursuit of literary perfection struggle too. Chin up, and clear that beautiful mind for a weekend full of writing!

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