Music Monday – Back in Black – AC/DC

Welcome to Music Monday! As many of you know, music contributes a great deal to my writing process. Whether it’s a song’s lyrics, beat, rhythm, or tone, I find myself constantly inspired by it.

writing-to-musicOn my way home from work on Friday afternoon, I set my iPod to shuffle, and after a few not-so-motivating songs, AC/DC’s “Black in Back” came on.

Dc-Logo-Nature-Ac-Back-In-Black-Acdc-Band-Heavy-Metal-51360Before I knew it, I was dancing and head jamming in my car.

Well, until I came to a stoplight and noticed the guy in the car next to mine staring at me like, “Uh, what’s wrong with you?”

I hate when that happens, LOL!

Anyway, after I hit the gas pedal and left my humiliation behind, I replayed “Back in Black”. This time, I listened more than danced, and as I did, I began using the rhythm and beat to choreograph the action sequences I’m currently working on. All of the punches and kicks, twirls and whirls. Pow, pow, pow!

By the time I sat down and started writing on Saturday morning, my creative cogs were spinning fast. And they kept spinning all day. From dawn to dusk, the words poured out of me and the action sequences I’d imagined in the car sprang to life.

acdc-000000-0110 copySo if you’re looking for a song to pump you up and motivate your “Pow, pow, pow!” scenes, check out “Back in Black” by AC/DC.

What song(s) are you in love with right now? Which one(s) offer you inspiration? Let me know! I’m always searching for songs that motivate my writing.

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