Friday Funny with Snow and Awkwardness

Happy Friday! Well, sorta. I woke up to an unwelcoming sight this morning: SNOW!

Grrrrr…It’s still summer, darn it. I’m not ready for this. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not! Okay, moving on…

*big, deep breath*

So, it’s probably a good thing the majority of you don’t interact with me in real life, because I lost the ability to speak properly this week. All of my words came out jumbled, stilted, and just plain lame. I was walking-talking Awkwardness. For example:

Me: Hi, Mr. Coworker, how was your vacation?
Mr. Coworker: Good, thanks for asking.
Me: Where’d you go again?
Mr. Coworker: Oregon.
Me: Why? For fun?
Mr. Coworker: A football game.
Me: So, for fun?
Mr. Coworker: Uh, no, for a football game.
Me: Yeah, but that’s for fun, right?
Mr. Coworker: Yeah… [Stares at me like I’m crazy]
Me: Cool. [Awkward pause] Sounds…fun.

By yesterday, I finally gave up and shut my trap to save myself and others from uncomfortable, confusing, and embarrassing chit-chat.

I’m going to go ahead and blame my manuscript for my lack of eloquence this week. I poured all of my words and articulation into it…which, I suppose, isn’t a horrible thing, right? Better to get a lot of work done than look/sound cool…Right? Well, I’m gonna go with it. And I’m going to pray this week of gibberish will be forgotten, and the words I wrote will live on and on…Or, ya know, be chopped up and used for firewood in this absurd weather!

Okay, sorry. Early winter rage is still boiling over here 😉

Besides the snow and the charming words I uttered, my week was low key. There was a ridiculous spider incident I’ll skip over, and I thoroughly embarrassed myself while filming footage for my friend’s next film for round 2 of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. This time, I had to use my prompts from round one as inspiration (truck stop, diamond ring). I decided to dress up like a trucker, slap a diamond ring on, and dance around to Beyonce’s “Put a Ring On It”.

Yeah, I totally looked like Justin Timberlake while attempting to mimic Beyonce’s dance moves. I’m soooo cool 😉

Anyway, in honor of my bumbling, idiotic-filled week, here is today’s Friday Funny. Enjoy!

10696284_283107871881768_4706964337960351450_nHow was your week? Did you stutter through it, like me? Or was it smooth sailing?

Jen’s Weekly Roundup

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