He Said, She Said: Dialogue Tags and Saidisms

Welcome to Twitter Treasure Thursday! So, one of my favorite things to write (and read) is dialogue. I think it’s one of the best ways to show a story, rather than tell it. That’s why I decided to share today’s gem, courtesy of YA author, Natasha E. Neagle (@agirlnamednat). She offers great advice on how to properly use dialogue and make it as strong and engaging as possible.

RV-AB565_Wordcr_D_20110208184127He Said, She Said: Dialogue Tags & Saidisms

When you write, nailing down your character’s dialogue is a major accomplishment. If you are writing a young adult novel, you want what the characters say to sound like that of a young adult and not like the forty-something you might be. Don’t mind me, I’ll be celebrating the anniversary of my twenty-fifth birthday FOREVER. If you want a novel that people are going to enjoy, you have to make sure the dialogue works. Not only does it have to be in the character’s voice, it has to be written properly.

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