Music Monday – Know Your Enemy – American Idiot

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Tuesday. But I was unable to post yesterday, so I’m pulling rank and making today Music Monday. Whahahaha, I’m so powerful 😉 Anyways, as many of you know, music contributes a great deal to my writing process. Whether it’s a song’s lyrics, beat, rhythm, or tone, I find myself constantly inspired by it.

001603-black-paint-splatter-icon-media-music-eighth-notesThis past weekend, I saw the hit Broadway musical, American Idiot. I’ve been waiting months–well, years–to see this Green Day inspired show, and I’m so happy to announce it more than lived up to my high expectations. In fact, I’m still dancing around and doing some headbanging, hee hee.

American-Idiot-The-MusicalNow, there are many reasons why I love this musical, but one of them is because so many of the songs inspire my writing (“Last of the American Girl/She’s a Rebel”, “21 Guns”, “Homecoming”). My favorite, however, is “Know Your Enemy”. I’m not even sure how many times I’ve listened to this song, especially in the last couple of months as I’ve worked on my manuscript.

Alex-Nee-and-Trent-Saunders-in-the-American-Idiot-musicalThere’s actually one specific chapter in my book that I created/choreographed using this song. It’s a pivotal scene that revolves around one of my plot’s main twists. Oh, and a big fight between two of my main characters–hi-yah! “Know Your Enemy” helped me fuel the fire in this chapter and make it really POP!

So, if you’d like to hear it, here you go!

And for those interested, here’s a trailer for the American Idiot musical. I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy Green Day’s music and/or are looking for a fun time.

What song(s) are you in love with right now? Which one(s) offer you inspiration? Let me know! I’m always searching for songs that motivate my writing.


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