Friday Funny with Lots of Reading

It’s Friday? Really? Huh. Well, that’s a pleasant surprise. I guess it makes sense in retrospect, but…yeah. For once, I had a fast week. Woo-hoo!

…However, looking back now, it wasn’t that fast. Actually, it was really long, really busy, and really tiring! My week was jam-packed with working and reading. Well, A LOT of reading. On Wednesday, those of us who advanced to the 2nd round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge were given the green light to share our entries. I posted mine–Over the Edgehere, as well as on the competition’s forum (a hub for all the competitors to interact and read each other’s stories).

So far, the general feedback for my mystery has been positive.

Here are some of the kind comments I’ve received so far:

Holy sh*t! That was amazing! Forget just mystery – it was that plus a thriller, plus an action/adventure, plus suspense, plus I don’t know what else.

A cracking, swift, brutal roller coaster that’s been very well executed in just three days, bravo.

All in all, a powerfully developed thriller that keeps you guessing. A lot of surprise turns for a piece so short.

A great ride all the way to the cliff. Then even more surprise.

As far as criticism goes, there’s been a debate about one specific aspect of my story. Without giving it away, I’ll just say some people loved it, some people thought I needed to push it further, and some thought I pushed too far–ha! Just goes to show you how subjective readers can be.

Despite many reassurances, I’m still nervous the judges won’t consider Over the Edge a true mystery. And even if they do, I have little faith it will get me to the final round. This competition is intense. There’s no guessing who will advance and who won’t. I’m just grateful I made it this far.

In addition to receiving feedback, I’ve been giving lots and lots of feedback to other competitors. As of this morning, I’ve read over 20 short stories since Wednesday. It’s been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. It amazes me how people process their prompts differently. So far, out of the six I’ve read from my heat, none of us have come close to writing the same story. Some have “detectives”, some don’t. Some are funny, some are intense. Some are gentle, some are violent. Seriously, they’re all over the map. Same goes for the seven other groups with different prompts. No two stories have been alike. Crazy!

Anyways, my plan today is to read a handful more of 2nd round entries, and then it’s time for me to cut way back and refocus on my manuscript. I knew it would take a painful hit the past two weeks with the contest, but it’s time for me to squash those distracting butterflies, roll up my sleeves, and get to work–to #WriterUp!

screen-shot-2014-03-03-at-9-58-49-amIn honor of my crazy reading week (and also opening day for you baseball fans out there) here are a couple of Friday Funnies for your enjoyment!



603675f1885b19ef3d8fc2d412ca4120How was your week? Better tell me now before I enter Hermitville this weekend with my manuscript! 😉

Jen’s Weekly Roundup

Survived Round 2 – NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge

Over The Edge – 2nd Round Entry – NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge

6 thoughts on “Friday Funny with Lots of Reading

  1. I love that “Major League Reading” shirt. We use to have a saying/sign in our house “We interrupt this marriage for baseball season” lol then I threw in the towel and decided to become a MLB fan cheering and yelling at the umps right along side my husband. Go Nats! 😉


    1. Ha! Love it. I grew up breathing/living baseball. My brother played from 7 years old, all the way through college. He was scouted by quite a few major league teams (including the Nats), but he didn’t have the heart to take it to the next level. He was just too tired and too sore. Little punk, haha.

      Anyways, side story over, lol! Go Rockies 😉


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