Friday Funny and Celebrations

Happy Friday everyone! For me, it’s a very, very, VERY happy Friday. Yesterday morning I became an aunt–again. Meet my new nephew, Cy!

IMG_0866This is my sister’s third boy, so…yeah. It’s gonna be a little chaotic in that household. But, it’s okay. If any family can handle chaos, it’s mine 😉 Chaos or not, we’re so excited and feel so blessed to have yet another little angel enter our lives.

Another great thing that happened this week was I found out I advanced to the 2nd round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge! The second round officially kicked off last night at midnight and runs through Sunday. During that time,  I must write a 2,000 word story based on an assigned genre, subject, and character.

So, with that said, it’s time for me to sign off and get to work. The clock’s ticking! In honor of the brainstorm session I’m about to have, here is today’s Friday Funny!

d0c6c5924b18789327fed3a8ce2e8570How was your week? I hope it was as exciting and blessed as mine!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Funny and Celebrations

    1. Thank you! Being an auntie is the best!

      I received: Mystery, debt, and tour guide…After working 2-straight days, I finally have a solid draft. Phew! Should have plenty of time to tweak and finalize tomorrow before the deadline.


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