Let’s Celebrate – Chasing Monsters Takes 2nd Place

I can’t believe it. It actually happened. I’m advancing to the second round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge! Only the top five in each group advance (25 people/group, 40 groups total). My entry, Chasing Monsters, took 2nd in my group. So, out of almost 1,000 people, I’m one of the 200 moving on to the second round! Wooo! Let’s celebrate! 

I’m absolutely stunned. And VERY happy! Chasing Monsters was probably the hardest story I’ve ever written. No, I didn’t spend weeks/months/years writing it, but it drained me emotionally. In fact, while writing it, I remember asking myself, “Why are you torturing yourself like this? And why are you working so hard? The chances of advancing to round two are slim to none!” Well, I’m glad I ignored those negative thoughts and worked hard anyways. It paid off!

Round 2 begins at midnight on Thursday. In round 1, I had 8 days to write a 2,500 word story based on assigned prompts (genre: suspense, character: chef, subject: wedding). For round 2, we only get days, and our word count gets chopped down to 2,000. I won’t know until Friday morning (when I wake up and look at my assignment) what my prompts will be. I’m hoping for horror, suspense, or drama, and I’m praying to God to avoid rom-com, comedy, or political satire. If I receive one of those “ugh” genres, this will be me:

As always, I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens. And, as always, your happy thoughts and positive vibes are appreciated.

Good luck to all the other competitors in round 2.


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