Friday Funny and Writer Up

Well, another week down and another week of successful writing under my belt! With my job still on the blessedly slower side, and the rest of my life surprisingly calm (minus a couple of hiccups last weekend with a broken car and Internet), I was able to work like a maniac on my manuscript. My six-day total (Saturday to Thursday) was approximately 21,700 words. So, that gives me a two-week grand total of over 50,000 words!

Happy dance time!

I’m definitely on a record-setting pace. And if I keep it up, I just might meet the original deadline I set for myself back in January (complete one manuscript by early spring). Of course, keeping up this pace might be on the crazy/unlikely side. First, because, hello, writing 3,000-5,000 words/day is exhausting/emotionally draining/isolating. Second, because starting next week, my life will get busier. The workload at my job will increase significantly, and my sister is due to have a baby at any minute (eeks!). Throw in regular chores, a few birthday parties, and possibly the second round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge (results from round one arrive on Monday), and I’m looking at some serious cutbacks in writing time. However, no matter what “butterflies” come my way, I’m determined to keep fighting and keep writing.

In honor of my extreme focus this week, and the fact that I’ve been “talking” more to my characters lately than real people (ahem…yeah), here are a few funnies for your Friday pleasure. Enjoy!



2c3c4636d5e6505426bf9ae989a94a21Okay, “real people” out there. Talk to me (um, please? haha!). How was your week? Did you #WriterUp and get some work done? Are you going to be a hermit like me this weekend and write, write, write? Well, I might take a small break to go to the movies to see Divergent. Anyone else going to see it?

Okay, time for me to #WriterUp! You should too. Go! Work!


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8 thoughts on “Friday Funny and Writer Up

    1. I know! I was just thinking that last night. I was like, “Man, I wish Jessica lived here so we could go see it together!” Oh well. We could always meet in the middle, like St. Louis? LOL!


  1. Whoa you wrote a LOT. I wish I had more time to write – school likes giving me tests and then I have to read for my book blog and stuff. Remember the butterflies, Jen? SQUASH ‘EM. You can do it 🙂


    1. Yeah, I’ve been truly blessed with a lot of free time to write the past couple of weeks. And those butterflies? SPLAT!!!…Okay, well, I’m doing my best to keep them flattened out of my hair, lol. Thanks for the positive vibes!


  2. 50,000 in two weeks! Good grief! That is insane….but impressive 🙂 I hope you reach your initial goal set in January cause that would be just awesome. I have yet to read your submission for the Midnight Short Story Challange 😦 sorry but I hope you get some great news tomorrow (Keeping fingers crossed for round two). My week consisted of finishing up revising my first draft of my current WIP and then staring at my laptop trying to figure out how to make the changes that need to be made lol. Say a little writers pray for me that I can find my way out of this mess of a story and emerge with something the resembles a book worth reading! lol


    1. Yeah, it’s amazing what I can do if I just sit down and FOCUS! lol…In my opinion, revisions are even harder than writing a first draft. First drafts are just getting the skeleton of a story down. It’s the revisions that add the real meat. So, yeah, I don’t envy the stage you’re at. I’ll definitely send my writing prayers out to you!


  3. ………I wish I could say I can dance better than anyone in that gif…. But sadly I cannot… Darn you Jim Carey and old people!!!!

    Anywho, keep up the awesome work! Wicked impressed!! (And only a tiny bit jealous)


    1. I’m so jealous of Jim Carey’s dancing skills! HA!…However, I have to hope I can do a little better than those old farts. But, maybe I’m just in denial…hmmm 😉

      Well, my momentum with my manuscript has definitely taken a hit this week. And now that I DID make it into round 2 of the short story challenge, it’ll slow down even more. Ugh, oh well. Can’t complain too much. All good reasons for the holdup!


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