Friday Funny and a Happy Valentine’s Day

b44afc0616ed51d2b1880c9d5d8328fbHappy Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of people don’t like this holiday, but I LOVE it. I’m probably one of the few single girls who does, but whatever. Valentine’s Day makes me nostalgic for candy-covered mailboxes filled with cartoon “Be My Valentine” cards. Plus, it’s a terrific excuse to eat all the chocolate I want without feeling too guilty 😉 Plus, plus, I’ll be hanging out tonight with my two nephews who I love with all my heart, so I’m happy 🙂 1013927_10101042599060113_844511921_nAs for the rest of this week, it’s been pretty brutal. Last weekend, I received my assignment for the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. I was given one week to write a 2,500 word story that was a suspense and revolved around a wedding with a chef as a main character. Easy right? I mean, I wasn’t assigned romantic comedy like I’d feared…Yeah, not so much. I sat down to work on Saturday and made it a goal to knock out a solid draft by Sunday afternoon (that way I could let the story sit a few days before revising and submitting)…But, that just didn’t happen. I’ve been working on it all week and I’m still not done (and it’s due tomorrow). Ugh. I’ll be doing a longer post about my entire experience next week. Suffice it to say, I’m exhausted, frustrated and just over the whole thing, haha…

Anyways, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are today’s funnies. Yes, plural. I couldn’t pick just one. There were too many that made me laugh out loud. Hopefully they’ll make you chuckle too.

d7159455ce7b4e1cf3667a91f04c7575a6e745ba5ce83317fc084722b0aef1a8cfa251bbe0fae3ec692dad46508d0ab8f83218a859daaf8d419dd3eae51bc05936cbd3edfd01ed95e214a0b3406a0104503505614296dc1212db958c41091bceJen’s Weekly Roundup

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