The Devil’s in the Details–taking your fiction to the next level

Welcome to Twitter Treasure Thursday! So, I came across today’s gem(s) earlier this week while skimming through Twitter. I found a link that took me to Kristen Lamb’s Blog. She wrote two outstanding articles about those nit-picky things writers have to contend with in their stories: details.


This aside, just because we are born to write doesn’t mean we’re any good, especially in the beginning. I use this analogy. We could see some gal at a club who can really dance. She has great moves. This doesn’t mean she’s automatically qualified to tour with Katy Perry. Training (lots of it) and practice (more of it) and discipline (whoa, crap, even MORE of that) is required to go pro.

Today I want to talk about a key aspect of what can make most fiction better, and what can even tank a decent story—research (or lack thereof). As they say, “The devil is in the details.”

Read both articles below!

The Devil’s in the Details–Taking Your Fiction to Higher Level

The Devil’s In The Details II–Keep Research from Taking Over

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