Friday Funny – a film versus a book

I feel like this week held a Hollywood-ish theme for my blog, Facebook and Twitter posts. So, I thought it would be fitting to have today’s Friday Funny revolve around that.

I present to you a film versus a book:

1517673_536649109767141_1898239510_nHope everyone had a great week! Any fun plans for the weekend? Mine is packed, unfortunately, so I’m probably not going to get as much writing done as I’d planned. Oh well, oh well. My goal next week is to cut out a lot of distractions and bear down on my NaNo manuscript. It isn’t going to write itself!

Weekly Roundup

Confession: I love when books are made into movies

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3 thoughts on “Friday Funny – a film versus a book

  1. I love the Friday Funny 🙂 and it’s so true but alas I still can’t help myself. If I know there is a TV series, made for TV movie or a movie made for theaters version of a book I love, I have to see it! I’m often disappointed because the movie is never as detailed as our imaginations but it’s still fun to see everything acted out for us. I also wanted to mention that I love your “Weekly Roundup”. Mind if I use that idea on my blog ?


    1. I totally agree. I love seeing books brought to life. However, I always try to read the book before seeing it on screen, otherwise I’ll probably never read the book….Of course you may use it. I just randomly decided to throw that in there today. I figured not everyone catches my earlier posts in the week, so I may as well give them the option to read them 🙂


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