Jen’s Gone Fishin’ Writing Contest Entry

Here’s my entry for Janet Reid’s weekly 100-word story contest. Again, the five words that had to be included were:


It’s always interesting to see where your imagination takes you on these super short story challenges. My first idea–when I first saw the list of keywords–was a beauty pageant for cats. Then I started writing and this is what I wrote.


by Jenna Willett

I crouch and wait. Steady and confident. A dry breeze pokes the stony landscape, awakening its roaming game and tempestuous nature. From my lofty perch, I sharply observe my target with her beautiful mane, lithe body, and predatory grace. Queens of the past don’t compare to this wildcat.

“Hello downtown Denver,” she purrs into the microphone. The rallying crowd roars.

A bundle of red, white, and blue balloons is released.

That’s my cue.

I edge closer to the rental’s window ledge. Ignoring the pomp and circumstance below me, I close one eye and aim.


And fire.


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