Jen’s Writing Contest Entry

Here’s my entry for Janet’s Reid’s It’s a small world writing contest! It had to be 100 words (max) using these five words: Degrees, chum, 3, bucket, pants.

The contest is open until tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. EST, so if you’re looking for a fun, creative challenge, give it a shot!

“Wanted: Wishing Well Bucket”

I’m often told, “Buck, you’re a bucket. You’re not meant to be happy.” Well, why not? I may be used for holding things like dirt, chum, and waste. And I may not get the decency of wearing pants or earning degrees. But, still, I deserve happiness. Everything does.

Today, I’m scrubbed clean, placed in a truck, and driven across town. I’m taken out and held up for inspection. “Three dollars, right?” I’m handed off. Ahead, I see a sign: “Wendy’s Wishing Well”.

I sway excitedly side to side. I was right. Buckets can be happy.
by Jenna Willett

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